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Before reporting a bug

  1. Check the Glide Status page
  2. Follow our troubleshooting guide for common issues
  3. Search the community to see if your issue has already been reported

If you’ve done all the above and are still having trouble, let us know:

Creating helpful bug reports

The more information you provide, the better! Please include:

  • Your project URL, i.e. [your_app_name]
  • The OS and browser you’re using where the issue occurs
  • Screenshots of the issue
  • Screen recordings - we recommend using Loom
  • Replay debugger links - more advanced, but incredibly helpful

Note: Please do not post links to potentially sensitive data sources.

We’ll do our best to resolve issues within the thread so others can contribute.

If we cannot resolve the issue in a public thread, we may take it to DM or email.

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How do I close an issue if I am no longer able to replicate it?

This link appears to be deprecated.
I think it should be ?

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Hi there, it has been a pleasure working on glide plataform, but someting happend when I clear my browser cookies and other saved data.
I always log in with my google account, suddently after that day still log into the plataform with my email but my proyect was gone, the thing is when I login, it took me through the inicial tutorial like it was a knew account. Please y Need help ive been putting a lot of hours on that proyect.


I have a bug happening in Pages on the custom action screen. The “drop down” menus to select new actions, to change the source sheet, and to select column values are all hidden behind the action dialogue box. Almost like a layering issue.

Screen Recording


Hello! I hope I am putting this in the right spot but my app has a lot of extra tables that are deleted on my sheet and several columns are cut off so not all my info is showing. I tried to delete the tables and cant see how to do that. My guess is the columns have a limit and the excess tables are clogging my count. Any help would be greatly appreciated!