In-app filtering BUG

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Glide Layout editor is showing All categories in In-app filter, but PWA is showing fewer, sometimes 3, sometimes 4 options. But not all. Rows are not empty, I showed in recording.

Do you mind sharing the recording?

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Hey Darren, thanks for reply!

Added (edited) my topic

Can you tell me more about that if-then-else column?
You mentioned that it is based on a date value. My gut feeling is that might be where the source of the problem is.

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  1. JS code is counting days between date of payment and today
  2. if/then/else column taking that values and transforming to 6 options :point_down:
  • 3 days till next payment
  • 2 days till next payment
  • 1 day till next payment
  • today
  • payment date passed
  • there is bunch of days till next payment

Okay, can you try the following please:

  • Replace your JavaScript column with a Math column using the following formula:

Where Now is the current date/time value, and Date is the Payment Date.
Then use that Math column in your if-then-else column.

Tell me if that fixes the issue.

Also, can you show me a screen shot of your Payment Date column?

Payment date

Today’s date

What columns types are they?

Format date

Okay, that’s what I suspected. And I’m now 99% sure that’s what is causing your problem.

Can you tell me why you are using the format date column? Is it just to get the date formatted how you want, or is there another reason?

I used excel formula to count dates between.

But it counted wrong days between, when dates were from different years.
For example, 10.02.2024 - 10.10.2023

Then I moved to JS, JS asked for “format of dates should be the same”, then I used format dates.

But I didn’t use math or date difference column. Seems I should check them

Yes, you should use a Math column. It is much more reliable.

Use the formula that I gave you earlier, but make sure you use the raw date value that’s actually stored in a Datetime Type column. If you use the output of a Format Date column, you’ll get the same problem.
Same for the current date, use the special Now or Today value, not something that comes from a Format Date column.

So something like the below:

Do it that way, and it will work on your phone. Trust me :wink:


Is “Now” getting date and time of Now?

Or is it stored in Column?

It’s a special value that’s available when you configure the math column:

@Bunyod please let me know if the above solves your problem. I’m fairly certain that it will, but it will be good to have that confirmed.

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I will try both ways, and let you know Darren super Thank you !