If Then column brings edited values

I’d really like to when If Then column brings me the value edited as we already did in Data, and not like this :point_down:



Cause my intention is to display it in a Tiles Details but…

Related to this.

So, is it a bug yet?

I don’t know. Haven’t seen anything saying it’s fixed. Might be a new bug.

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A week ago, I received official confirmation - yes, it’s a bug



@Mark any update?

Doing my own To-do app :smile:


Did you try to fix it via Google sheet??


I saw it days ago but I modified the column format as workaround and worked for me.

Saludos Lucas

I can’t @gvalero, ‘cause, as @Jeff_Hager mentioned here up, it’s a bug.

In the sheets, the value isn’t a “date” format, it’s an ugly one with time zone and so… that’s why formatting doesn’t work

The date should be recognized by google as a date. You can try setting the column formatting in the spreadsheet. If for some reason google sheets doesn’t see it as a date (such is the case in app: logins) then you can use a formula to rebuild it as a date in a new column.

Sorry, we’ll fix this in due time.