Urgent ! Date become Weird but when only using Phone

Enter date 5th August 2023 but become 8th May 2023. The problem happen only using phone. PC seems fine.

Is the source data coming from Google Sheets?

yes. it happen since 5th August. we are using since last year

Same issue here:

What happens if you format the date as yyyy-mm-dd in the Google Sheet?

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Same, but why its so sudden changed?
I dont think it happen because of google sheet.

Can someone help me?

Oh yes, i noticed that i am using Format Date Luxon Column.
if not ,the format will become like this 2023-08-07T09:10:59.768Z

So, I am using the MM-dd-yyyy format and paste in the Date Column.
Did you did any changes on Glide that’s affect the Format Date Column?

The format date column is known to not work reliably with IOS/Safari. I recommend not using it.


But Darren, our user mostly using android, only few users using IOS. Not sure why. Anyways thanks for letting me know