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Ask for Help from Community

Use this category to ask general questions or get help with something from the community.


Official announcements from the Glide team.

Introduce Yourself

Say hi to the community. Tell us about yourself - where are you from, what are you working on and what do you hope to do with Glide? Please use this category for general introductions. If you have questions or are experiencing issues, please try one of the other categories.

Project Showcase

Share your projects with the community! If you’re sharing your Glide project, include a link (e.g. and tell us about why you’re working on it.


The tutorials category is all about sharing tutorials on how to use Glide. The tutorials can be by anyone. Generally these should be video tutorials, but if you have a long-form text tutorial/article – please share!

Feature Requests & Suggestions

Use this category to add & upvote feature requests. Please always search for your request before posting to make sure someone hasn’t already added it. Please also include your specific use case: why do you need this feature, what are you trying to achieve?

Resources & Templates

This channel is for sharing all the resources you use to help you build Glide apps. Design assets, images, etc. It’s also for the community to share copyable ‘concept apps’ that show how to achieve a certain technique - rather than a fully finished app.


You can use the actions category to discuss anything to do with simple or custom actions! More info on actions here:

Spreadsheet Magic 🧙‍♂️

This category is for anyone to chat about more advanced topics relating to Google Sheets, Excel formulas, macros etc…

Custom Code

This category is for topics surrounding custom code for Glide Apps. This could be app script, experimental code columns, custom CSS, external automation with Zapier etc…

Report a Bug

Welcome to the Bugs category!


This category is for frequently asked questions and solutions to common features community members wish to build.

Certified Glide Courses

In this category, you can find a list of Certified Glide courses. These are accredited courses that have been assessed and approved by the Glide team.