Dates in calendar misinterpreted in Glide builder

The calendar list does not support dates when computer has a danish (european?) setup.

The first screen shot shows how the dates are represented in Google sheet.

It is how glide has specified it (MM/DD/YYYY)

But when you look at it in the glide builder (in app on iOS it is ok) it shows up as june and december entries.


Try also to look at how Google sheets interprets the date - the are interpretted all as june



So to me - this is a bug.

We will fix this eventually. In the mean time, please use the date format we recommend in the documentation.

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Hi @Mark
I’m inputting the format that you have specified. Google sheets transforms this to a date-time.
And then - the problem is as described above.

June 13th and December 6th

I even tried to concatenate two strings to cheat google not to convert the data to a datetime.
This is the same result.

I dont’t see any possibilities to input the data in another way where data will show up correctly in the Glide builder.

Please correct me if I’m wrong

I found out that it helps when you set both the whole document and the column to the right mm/dd/yy format. Even if you filled it in right, set the column format right too. That helped with me. Ans set the doc to US Locale.

I’m trying to reproduce this issue but have a hard time. Which browser are you using? Does this happen with a different browser for you, too?

Hi @Mark ,
I’m using Chrome on Macbook Air.

The document is set to US Locale.

I have also tested on a Win10 machine.
Here it look as expected - so I conclude that the problem has to do with Mac.

And it works correctly in the app - so in that way - a smaller problem than expected.


We have just deployed a fix. Please let us know if you see the problem again.

Things are working now on Macbook Air with chrome browser


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