Glide app and builder not showing correct date

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up a calendar and have made my spreadsheet settings as my locale (Sydney, Australia). However the glide builder and app both interpret the date in US format (e.g. 12 July is reflected as 7 December).

I also tried to add an entry as a user in the app, and initially the date reflects as the correct format, then it converts to the US form. E.g. I input 12 July as 12/07/2020. It appears correctly as 12 July 2020 for a few seconds and then it changes to 7 December 2020.

Grateful if someone could shed some light!


Hi Lin, do you store those dates in your Spreadsheet?

Hi ThinhDinh,

Yes that’s right. Strangely enough though, I just went to the data page in the builder and clicked into the date cells individually and then the dates columns converted into the Australian format.

The app and builder are now reflecting the Australia date formats. Very strange but it looks fine now… Not sure if what’s happened though.

That’s definitely strange. I was about to advise you to go into the builder, click the edit option for the column and try to change things around to see if it works.

Ah ok, thank you for that! Yes, very strange - but at least it is working properly now :slightly_smiling_face:

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