Calendar display date format

My date format is DD/MMM/YYYY e.g. 08/Jul/2020, but this is being shown in the calendar list as Friday, 7 August 2020 as the section header in the calendar.

Your assistance is required in resolving this matter urgent.

It’s best to store dates in the sheet in mm/dd/yyyy or yyyy/mm/dd. Where are your dates coming from?

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Dates are inputted by users, but for display/readability we use the UK format of date/month/year…

I will try the format above and see what the response is like.

Are they entering dates in the app using the date picker? Are you attempting to set the format in the sheet? You can instead set the display format within the glide data editor.

I’m confused - does sheets not store the date data as a date number? Why does the sheets locale settings not translate to the glide app - is glide reading the date as a string? This is an irritating glitch. It’s not an issue with currency.

It’s tough to answer because there is a lot to consider. First, how is the date stored in the sheet (ISO, MDY, DMY, YMD)? Do you have formatting set within the sheet, on top of that underlying value? Have you further set any formatting in the date column in the glide data editor? I’m not 100% positive, but I believe any formatting you set in the Google sheet will come into glide like that, but if it’s recognized as a date column, then it will give you the option set formatting in the data editor. People have better luck with MDY format, but I always feel that YMD or ISO format (like a datetimestamp) will work best. The calendar layout is extremely flexible as far as recognizing what a date is. Also Glide will display the date differently to different users depending on their locale settings.

Might be easier to answer if we know exactly what the problem is that your are having.