Date: wrong format while built in DataEditor

Hi, my app is based upon a calendar where recurring tasks are entered. This is done in Glide without collecting the information from GSheet.
The ‘date select/entry’ format is displayed into French (my region), but the result in the calendar is like if it was in US format, ex. July 2nd selected displays 7th February in calendar.
nb: I tried to change the ‘local customizing’ in GSheet, but this did not have any impacts.
Do you have any clue?


So you get the “date select/entry” and then do you collect it in your Sheets via a form?

I have the same problem. I need to use a calendar but when i want to create a date in french format, i have the english format.
Indeed, when i write the October the 1st, 2020 (01/10/2020) in Glide with the Date Entry Component, the result is the January the 10, 2020 (10/01/2020)…
Do you have encounter this problem already? @Mark
Thanks a lot

In my case, it is not a form but a tab with entry fields, inc. the ‘date’ one.
Regarding the ‘date field’: it is writing directly into the DataEditor, without collecting information in the GSheet.

What I expect is that the selected ‘date’ appears in the calendar (inline list), cf. above picture.

What I get:
(1) when the ‘calendar’ (inline list) appears, it is at another date as if Glide recorded the US format while the ‘date popup’ (again without link with GSheet) was in EU one
(2) since this morning, the calendar doesn’t appear at all any more … a smart way to solve the issue!!

Is the inline list (calendar) showing a relation from the input date?

Thanks for your answer. No, it should just show the ‘date’ as selected.

In this DataEditor screenshot, you see the “dateStart” column where the date selection should* be written to (* here it has disappeared, which is another issue that I have mentionned in another post)

In this Component screenshot, you see the result of the ‘calendar’ (before it dispears) with the wrong date: I selected 1st July > Calendar display 7th january.

@ThinhDinh @Laurent_Maleville FYI, I may have found a workaround to the date issue: in the DataEditor, instead of using a [Date] field, I used a simple [Text] one. Therefore, Glide is not interpreting the content of the field and trying to deal with UE/US Date format. In my case, it seems to work: the 1st of July (1/7 in EU format, 7/1 in US format) which previously became 7th of January, is remaining in the calendar.


Hope this helps

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I had the same date format problem between US / France
I found a solution, in the google sheet, the Date column must be in the format :: mm “/” dd “/” yyyy
Then you can display the dates in French format and the dates works with the filter or Order parameters or other …

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