Date format help

I’m having trouble with the date format in the app. The gsheet is formatted to be DD/MM/YYYY and this is how the data is entered when creating a calendar event. The event will then briefly pop up as DD/MM/YYYY but then switch to MM/DD/YYYY. Any idea how I can fix this?

So it honors the format in the Sheet but not in the app?

Yes this seems to be the case.

06/09/2020 sheet entry ends up as 9 June in the app instead of 6 September.

First I would check the locale you have set for your Google sheet and make sure it’s set to your local area.

I’ve never been quite clear how Glide interprets the date format but I’ve read of a lot of people having issues with the DD/MM/YYYY format. I’ve read in the past that MM/DD/YYYY works better for glide to recognize the date. Usually I don’t attempt to mess with the formatting of the date in the sheet and leave it as the raw ISO date that comes from glide when dates are entered in the app. If you are entering the dates yourself into the sheet. I’d recommend MM/DD/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD to avoid confusion on Glide’s end. Mostly I recommend dates in YYYY/MM/DD because it’s easier to recognize internationally and shouldn’t give you any issues. Formatting of dates can be done within glide, so there is less of a reason to do it in the sheet.