Mode "calendar"


Actualy I use the mode calendar. But we have problems in France
On my google sheet i put the date with european system dd/mm/yy and on glide we see mm/dd/yy.
Is it possible that the glide system use automatly the time’ system of the google sheet?
thank you for help

If you look at your spreadsheet settings, what is the locale for your sheet? I think it can determine how your sheet interprets dates, which will be translated to Glide properly. Also, the locale of your device and browser can make a difference. I’m still trying to understand all of this myself, but personally, if you are typing in the dates yourself, I think YYYY/MM/DD is a safer way to do it, because I think that format is recognized globally.

Here is some documentation on dates:

@Jeff_Hager, what would be the solution if you’re in one time zone and date setting (e.g., New York, EST, MM/DD/YYYY), but you’re building an app for a client in a different time zone and date setting (e.g., Eastern Caribbean, AST, DD/MM/YYYY)? In this case, would there be an issue? I hope I’m making sense.

@Rosinda_Anthony where are your dates coming from? Are you entering them manually in the sheet, or are they coming from the app? If you are manually entering them in the sheet, then you should be safe entering them in YYYY/MM/DD format. If dates come from a date entry field in the app, then they are saved in the following format which is a universal date/time format: 2019-11-28T07:37:03.872Z. It may look like a normal date/time in your sheet that matches your locale, but behind the scenes it is stored in the format with the T and Z. From what I understand, you should be fine.

@Jeff_Hager, thank you!

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