🤯 I cant with the dates!

I give up.
I thought I had it figured out with the new computed date columns .
I offset the time zone, save the new calculated date and then use that. works fine in a GS table.
But Glide tables insert the format WRONG.
I want to cry seriously

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Anyone here knows what is going on :face_with_head_bandage:?
@George-Glide @ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy @Jeff_Hager

Can you confirm if the same things that you demonstrated in your video also happen if you use a date picker…or I think you can get a date picker to show up in the data editor to select dates as well.

Also, what happens when you manually type the dates using YYYY/MM/DD instead?

I suspect that part of the problem is that you aren’t typing in a true ISO formatted date. You are typing in a date that is ambiguous depending on different regions. I think that underlying unformatted value is stored behind the scenes, which can be hard to parse apart if you meant MM/DD or DD/MM.

Using a date picker stores the ISO version of the date time which is an international standard and should work regardless of region.

Just to be clear, you can type a lot of random things into a date column and it will do it’s best to convert it to a date. Key words being “it’s best”. For example, you can type ‘3 months from now’ and it will give you a date 3 months in the future.

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Yes thats right. but I mostly write dates using this
and I have to write a calculated date that takes 2 hours from glides date in order to use the computed columns.
Its all one big mess.
I had it figured out in a GS table but now in a glide table it ignores the written format.
When I write to a google sheet it takes the format from the sheet.

you can see these both column are filled using a glide action.
This is a GS:

This is a Glide Tabke:

I have the date column in the google sheet set as plain text.

Ok. I just wanted to at least rule that out as a potential issue. I haven’t dug very deep into all of the new plugins. I’ve been experimenting with mostly the javascript plugin. I would think that if you used the original computed columns, such as math and template, you could build a text version of the date in a consistent format that would be the same regardless of region. After that, I’m not sure but possibly you could pass that template date into the plugin. It’s extra columns, but I feel pretty confident with how well the original computed columns work.


Hola @Lin_Altshuler

Well, I know what you are felling because I walked that painful way and following some advices and tips I could handle dates without headaches.

I use the format dd/mm/yyyy too and understand your case.

Rule #1:
Glide uses the date format from user’s device. If the user has Spanish settings but lives in US, Glides will show the date with dd/mm/yyyy on screen.
You can test it changing your web browser‘s regional settings.

Rule #2:
If you are using Google Sheets to save data, the date will be saved using GS’ setting (regional setting) so, check your GS to change it if you want to fix a part of problem.

Of course, here is where the offset problems begins when user and GS don’t use same regional setting or have different time zones.

Rule #3.
It’s funny but very useful :innocent:: don’t write the date values manually in Glide Editor, instead, you must use the Date Picker even, while you are testing!

If you do that manually, Glide thinks and uses the “US format” for everything and you will see and hate those annoying cases where December is confused with the day #12 for example.

The final solution is more complicated (Jeff wrote a solution weeks ago and I use another one). Let me find the thread where we discussed this to help you a little more.



@gvalero are these what you are referring to, or are you thinking if something else?

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Have you tried doing these in a Glide table?
because I’m not referring the the time zone offset that I was able to figure out, but to the dd-mm formats differences between a GS and a GT.
all the computed columns in a glide table don’t recognize the date that is stored in a date column with my browsers format.
I cant do anything with it

That right my friend Jeff!!

Anyone can know a lot reading those threads about dates issues.


For what it’s worth, I empathize :cherry_blossom:. You’re saving me hours, as I’ll not even try, but rather focus my energy on other features instead.
Thks, Lin for that. Sorry for your lost time.
You’ll find other values to add to your apps.
This one does not seem ready yet to shine or cooperate.
It needs more experience :slightly_smiling_face:to be worthy.

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Hola de nuevo Lin,

What you are suffering is the same (I think) what I did time ago:

But I discovered that I must use Date Picker to test dates or create new ones and have the right date format I wanted.

As you can see, I tested using GT, not GS.

Sorry for my delay to reply fast, I’m outside of my house using my phone with low battery :face_with_head_bandage: