Friends, what’s wrong with the dates in the glide? I manually put the date 01.05.22 in the Date/Time cell. The glide turns over to 05.01.22. What is it? How do I set the value 01.05.2022?

Dates are tricky. What is the standard format for dates where you live? I assume DD/MM/YYYY, but also consider that MM/DD/YYYY exists as well.

Also, it’s important to know what your data source is (eg. Glide Tables, Google Sheets, etc.). Also, what is you regional local settings for your computer, your browser, as well as in the google sheet if you are using one.

It’s preferable that you use a date picker in the app or in the data editor to select your date, because it will be saved in an internationaly recognized ISO format. Manually typing a date can work, but for reliability, I would suggest typing it in YYYY/MM/DD, since it’s internationally recognized.



Glide uses internally US date format but your APP will show dates based on your web browser’s regional settings.

If you edit/change date values manually in Glide Data Editor you will see these issues (what you are reporting) but using Date Picker component everything works perfectly.