Month and Day swapped in date

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Describe the bug:
Hi, the month and day are swapped in the date column

Expected behavior:
When an item is added, the current date and time is supposed to be saved in the table. However, instead of mm/dd/YYYY the date is saved in this format: dd/mm/YYYY

How to replicate:

  • Open Notes tab
  • Click on the Add icon
  • Notice the Current Date & Time column
  • Fill in the form with a Name and a Picture
  • Click “Ajouter” (Add)
  • Go to Data Editor, Notes table
  • The format of the date on the item you just added is not correct

Link to demo recording:

Thank you!

Seeing that the Add button is in French, I’m guessing your OS or Browser is set to a French region/locale The dates format based on the user’s region, so I would double check which region/locale your browser and OS are set to.

I think you’re the first person to have a problem with the date being formatted in DD/MM/YYYY. Usually it’s the opposite and people have problems with dates formatting in the US format of MM/DD/YYYY.


Hi Jeff, and thanks for replying.

I believe you’re right and the differences between the french and US date format are the cause of this. However, Glide is the only website where this happens, I guess there must be a way for the developers to fix this so we don’t have to switch the settings back and forth ? Also will the problem occur for the users of my app?

Thank you

Glide actually stores the datetime in ISO8601 format, and then each device/browser formats that according to its individual settings. So it should display correctly for all users.

If you change the display format of your Datetime column to medium or long format, do you see the correct date and time?


Yeah, there is nothing to fix here. That is how it’s intended to work. Glide is used worldwide, so the date will display in the proper format for each individual user based on their system settings. With the same app, you will see dates in DD-MM-YYYY, but I will see dates in MM-DD-YYYY.

In the same way, you see French verbiage in your app, but if I were viewing your app, it would be English verbiage.

It’s a feature, not a bug. If a user’s system is set to view dates in a certain format, it’s expected that the app will show dates in the same format that the end user would expect to see. Otherwise it would be mass confusion for a large majority of the world.


I apologize for my bad english. The date itself is actually changed, not just the format. The image below shows an item I created February 4th:

However I just created a new item and the date appears correctly, I guess the problem has been solved.


I would continue to monitor it. What are you using add a data source? Is it a google sheet, a glide table, or something else? If it’s a google sheet, what Locale is your google sheet set to?

My data source is a Glide table. Good advice, I will check back on it.

Thanks again!

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OK. Glide tables should be good at storing dates because I believe they are stored in a true ISO Date format.

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