Date show uncorrectly

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Describe the bug:
The date format is not showing correctly.

Expected behavior:
-When i show a date, time on a Callendar collection it show the date wrong. for example. I have a turn on 01/02/2023 1st Feb 2023 but it´s showed on 2nd Jan 2023 at Callendar the other dates as 02/02/2023 are show correctly (2nd Feb 2023)

Hope you can help to me

How to replicate:

Link to demo recording:

it’s just date style. in some countries it’s going: month / day / year
it’s not a bug

Here is what’s happening.
31/1/2023 can only be read as Jan 31st no matter where you live.
I read 1/2/2023 as Jan 2nd, but you read it as Feb 1st.
2/2/2023 can be only be read as Feb 2nd because it’s the day and month are the same.

Looks like you are attempting to join the date and time using a template. This creates a text version of a date. Since it is not a true date/time, but just text, glide has to guess how your date is formatted. You need to consider that Glide is a US based company and actually a lot of computer languages interpret dates in a MM/DD/YYYY format. Most of the rest of the world formats dates in DD/MM/YYYY. It’s annoying, but something to think about.

First of all, I must ask, how do your date and hour columns get filled? Are they manually entered them in the google sheet, or are they filled in the app? I ask because if you fill it in the app, you can actually use a Date Time Picker which will store the date AND the time in the proper format and you only need one column. You also wouldn’t need a template column to join a date and time together. You could just use your Date (Fecha) column.

If you are filling the dates manually, then I recommend writing them in YYYY/MM/DD format because that format is recognizable all over the world.

Another alternative that should work is to change the formatting of the Fecha column in the Glide Data editor. If you change it to a longer formation, then glide might be able to interpret the text version since the month would be written out. I won’t guarantee this though, and still recommend using a date/time picker to fill that column and only use that column instead of a template column.


Hi. thanks for answer. The date are filling from date picker not manually, the hour is taked manually because i just need to allow 30 minutes spaces between

You will have to convert it from a text date time to a real date time. For this you will need to use the Text to Date plugin. It should look something like this.

For some reason, it appears to be 12 hours off. It should be reading the hour as a 24 hour clock, so I would expect 10am, but for some reason, I get 10pm. That seams like a bug, but try it yourself and see if it works. It might be a regional issue, since I normally use a 12 hour clock and I’m not including AM or PM in my text version of the date time.

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Thanks for your help… it works!

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