Date format component

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the date component, just for one field, doesn’t respect the regional format.
I am using the dd / mm / yyyy format for dates in GS and displayed in tab data glideapps, but when I show the details in the date component uses the mm / dd / yyyy format ???
This bug Only in one field of all the data in the app
Is there a reason for that?

In my example the date in the sheet is January 4 but in the detail is showed as April 1 as the date component in “prima nota” “data movimento”

Second: for the same field in the moment I use the zap to append data to a google doc, the text appended is mm / dd / yyyy hh.hh. (long mode) even in the GS and in the tab is formatted in the short mode mm / dd / yyyy.

Can you help me? Thanks

Hi @Maurizio_Magnante welcome to the community great to meet you.

Perhaps this post might help? :arrow_down:

Hi @Rosewebstudio My problem is near to that, but for me, even when I open in the builder the date is displayed uncorrectly. Strange thing is that the problem is just for one field in all the app


And you have looked at this?

Yes, in the data tab is correct

Immagine 2021-01-07 161000