Change Date Format from US to European from Existing Google Sheet

Hello, by mistake, when I generated my app, the settings of my source google sheet were set to US format, which means date format appears mm/dd/yyyy, (instead of dd/mm/yyyy) problem is my app has already over 600 records and now need to change them all at once.
My question is how to change all dates at once without problems ie some dates showing as errors.
Any suggestions?

I know stuff like this comes up every once in awhile and I’ve never had a complete understanding of how dates work between glide and google sheet, so I’m not sure about the right answer. Normally, I don’t think the sheet Locale should matter that much, as long as the column is formatted and contains a true date in the google sheet. As long as the column is formatted as a date column in the glide data editor, then it should actually format that date based on the end user’s browser locale/region. So a one user could be seeing it as MM/DD/YYYY and another user could see that same date as DD/MM/YYYY.
Again, I’m not really sure. Most of the time, I don’t concern myself with how the sheet is formatting the date as long as it works correctly in glide.

I would first check your browser settings to see what Locale/Region it’s using.

How were the dates populated in the sheet initially? Did the data come from the sheet? I’d have to look it up, but there should be ways to format the date with an arrayformula, to at least get another column with a duplicate of the dates in the format you want. Then you could copy and paste those arrayformula dates into the original date column.

I’m sure some of the other users outside of the US can chime in, since they have probably dealt with it more.


For my part I almost always try to keep the Zulu format in the Sheet, and format them to the way I want in the app. As you said, Glide converts the format based on the end user’s locale/region, so I try not to alter things in the Sheet so Glide can read it well, but I understand people may want to see a nice format in the Sheet as well.


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