Date Format in Glide Differs from Google Sheet

Dear Community

We have created a column date column in Google Sheet (GS), with the following format. This column format is similar to the rest of the date column in the GS


However in Glide this is the only column that is different from all the rest of the columns

Looking forward to any advise? Appreciate in advance!

Once you edit a Date type column in glide, it’s going to apply formatting based on the preset date formats in the column configuration. That format is for display purposes in the app. The underlying value is still the same as what’s in the sheet. If you don’t want glide to apply date formatting, then you can change the column type to Text, and it will show the underlying value. However, what you want seems very similar to the ‘Short’ date format that is provided in glide. I usually try to avoid applying any formatting within a google sheet if I can avoid it.


Ya, I think you could just use the short date option would looks like this:

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Thanks for your prompt reply! Appreciate

How can i format the date to appear the required i.e 6 Dec 2022 instead of the current?

Thanks for your prompt reply! Appreciate.

Seems like the short date may not be correct as well. The date which i have filled from 3rd party app to GS is 6 Dec 2022. :sweat_smile:

“correct” is in the eye of the beholder. What I mean by that is that it really doesn’t matter how you format your datetime values, because every user device will reformat them according to its own settings.

For example, if a user in the USA opens your App, they will most likely see dates in mm-dd-yyyy format, regardless of how you think you’ve formatted them.

If you really want to “force” your users to see a specific date format, then the only way to do that is to convert all your datetime values to strings. But if you do that, you lose the ability to do datetime math or datetime comparisons. Also, it’s rude. So don’t do it.

Also, how you format your datetime values in your Google Sheet is irrelevant to Glide. Glide will sync your data - not your formatting.


You may want to check your browser, computer, and Google sheet settings. Seems that you maybe have the region/locale set to US format instead of…ahem…what the rest of the world uses. Best not to muck with formatting on google sheets. It just causes problems.


Hi hi

Wondering why there is a ’ when the column is a Format Date column?

This format seems similar to GS’s, which can be seen in our first post.

This is the value found in GS

We need to format the column accordance to the GS’s column, else the value will not be triggered. If we update the GS directly, the column in GS will be triggered at the date/time registered. Currently, data from Glide does not effect the trigger.

Looking for expert to help on this. Appreciate for any response.

Any advise how can i set column without have this ’ at the beginning of the cell value: '06-12-2022 18:00:00

Without the ’ , the process works.

How do i change to text from date?

Appreciate any advise.

Because it’s no longer a date. It’s text that looks like a date.
If you need the date formatting applied in the Google Sheet, send a date value from Glide, and then apply the formatting afterwards.

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Over here I have formatted the date in the format required by Google sheet.

The Format Date plugin converts your Date to a string.
Yes, it still looks like a date, but it isn’t. It’s text.


hi @Darren_Murphy Darren,

We have the following date format in GS:

And in Glide, the format as such:

It seems that the date that is parsed to Google Sheet from Glide does not effect the trigger.

This is the date format received from Pabbly via Webhook via Google Sheet

Is there any way we can set the date/time format explicitly in Glide as per shown above?

What do you actually mean by that?
The trigger doesn’t fire?
It fires, but generates an error?
Something else?

Well, you can use the Date Format plugin like you were before to force the format, but as I pointed out earlier, that converts it to a string. So you’d probably have to do some post-processing in the Google Sheet to convert it back to a date.

I’m not familiar with Pabbly, but I would have thought that if you pass it a valid datetime value, then the format should be irrelevant? :man_shrugging:

The Trigger doesn’t fire. No error at all.

It trigger only if i have updated the GS directly. So does it mean it is Glide issue, or Pabbly issue.

We have checked It does not update row, thus would not be useful.

My guess is that it might be looking for the wrong type of event.

When Glide adds or updates a row in your Google Sheet, that triggers an Update event.
When you edit the sheet manually, that’s considered an Edit event.
This might be why it only triggers when you edit the sheet manually.

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