Incorrect Date Format

Hey I have an issue with date in the Glide interpretation of the sheet.

I am using a text function to format the dates to DD-MM-YYYY but it is still chopping and changing from DD-MM-YYYY to MM-DD-YYYY in Glide from column to column despite all of the columns being formated.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Not sure Glide can recognize date formatting if it is the text-type format. Try to format dates in Glide using the FormatDate column.

When you say all the columns have been formatted, are you referring to the columns in the Glide Data Editor? Regardless of how your spreadsheet columns are formatted, you will need to ensure the same columns are also formatted as date/time type in Glide.

Note that although Glide might initially recognise the columns as date/time, it doesn’t always get the format right. It’s always a good idea to edit the column and make sure.

For specific formatting options, there is a Format Date plugin. However, take care with that as I’m aware that it doesn’t always play well with non-US date format/locale.


Using the format date plugin to get DD-MM-YYYY you have to type dd-MM-y as the format.

In the glide editor the format of the columns is set to date

In the spreadsheet dates were coming up as numbers like 44567.1
So I used a text function to format it to a DD-MM-YYYY date

You can format that column’s display to date instead of having to use an extra column with a TEXT formula.

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