Let's setup a date with Glide to clarify how "Dates" works

Hi @JackVaughan, I think that we are quite a number of non- US Gliders to struggle to understand how “Dates” work. This is an issue for many apps using calendar, tasks, sort inline lists by dates etc.
While there are many posts on this topic, at the end of the day, I feel that it’s still ‘casino’ or workaroud* to configure Dates (* ex. transforming them into figures in G-Sheet when we need to sort by dates).

1st try to summarize questions & possible options:

1/ In G-Sheet, shall we set:
1.1- “regional parameters” on our ‘country or origin’ [or] on ‘US’?

1.2- “number format” on YYYY/MM/DD [or] YYYY/DD/MM [or] DD/MM/YYYY

2/ In Glide, shall we:
2.1- use “date” columns (via “edit > column type” if not recognized spontaneously)
2.2- or a basic “text” column (same “edit > column type” if G-Sheet date is recognized by Glide): this option would be strange, since logically it would mean that it is a basic string without possibility to order.

Thanks in advance


This is my workaround in the meanwhile Glide can be configured to handle different date formats.

In my events google sheet I have an original field where I introduce date in European Format.

Then with array calculated columns I create A USA version which I need to “order by” in Glide and also some other different columns with different date formats which i use in different places in my app. I also have a calculated field which shows the date plus 30 days in order to filter by date in that range of data.

Look at the formulas in the first row…

You need USA format column for Glide be able to filter and compare.

Use original European format field and other formats to present data in the app.

Hope it helps