Bug date sorting


My first bug on Glide :frowning:

Here is the thing : when I filter the date the order is not good at all and I don’t understand anything about this random order. It happens particularly when I want to have the most recent date on top…

Does somebody would know what’s happening ?

In the google sheet it works just fine : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AycsGxTsa7Qta4h6sbma_Gvihtqydl7mzfi2VsltVcM/edit?usp=sharing

The google sheet is just a test so everybody can play around

Thanks for you help

My app’s URL: https://cbs6x.glideapp.io/

Have you tried formatting your date data as “mm/dd/yyyy”?

Yes and it works thank you @ThinhDinh ! but is there a way to keep it dd/mm/yyyy and still have it working correcly ? I’m in France and people wont get this mm/dd/yyyy format unfortunately …

Hi Antoine, please check your app again if it correctly displays now.

I’m not sure what caused the error, what I did was just extract the day, month, year and then combine them back in again using a DATE formula.

Looks like it’s ok now.

yyyy/mm/dd is a safe format internationally. As long a Glide recognizes the column as date, you should be able to set the formatting for the date in the data viewer and it should adjust by user’s country or region.

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Thanks to both of you for your answers, what worked really well was to configure the column as a date in the Data Panel. It solved the problem, the filter works great new. Thanks @Jeff_Hager