In-app filter with dates shows dates in ugly format

Hello everyone,
I have an app where I use in-app filter with dates, but it shows dates in a very ugly way.

In data builder I have configures how to visualize dates, but it seems to me that this does not affect to in-app filter…

Is there a way to change that?

Thank you!

Hm. Might need to convert the dates to pretty dates using =text() formula in sheets. Not ideal, but it will work.

I could have sworn somebody else reported this recently, but I can’t find a post. This is the closest thing I could find, so maybe this is what I was thinking of.

That’s a bug. We’ll fix it. Thank you so much for reporting!


Thank you!

I have discovered that this is the format in which glide saves the dates because if I insert a TextEntry component, it shows the same. In the image, both component refer to the same column.

Thank you!
Later Mark has reported that it is a bug.

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Thank you! Mark has reported that it is a bug, so I hope they will fix it.

I have experimented some problems with dates in Spanish format. If the app is just for my internal use, I don’t have problem using US format, but when I want Spanish people to work with that… I would prefer everything in Spanish format :grinning:

Thank you again!

Correct! I reported it a while back!

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So, the bug is not just because the Spanish date format…

Glad to help! Agreed that there are still a few areas within Glide that could benefit by more robust date/time features/displays (calendar without times, time picker, date calculations, etc.).

Yes, that is the point.