Wrong Date/Time Format in G. Sheet

I already changed the glide table to the short date format, and on the table it shows in the correct format, however, it posts in the G. sheet with the wrong format:

I want G. Sheet to show the following format: 28-04-2022

The format that you set in glide is only for display purposes on the app. The actual true timestamp value that is stored in the table is what you see in the google sheet. That is normal. If you need it to be formatted in the Google sheet, then you may have to set the formatting for the column in the google sheet, or create an additional column with an arrayformula that will parse out the date and display how you want it.

If glide did not store the date in sheet using that ISO format that you see, then it could cause several problems with dates and users that use different regional formatting for their dates.


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