Is there anyway to change the Date & Time format of logins page?

My App Logins gsheet tab created by Glide displays date and time as for example, 2023-03-26T22:42:37.539Z. However, I’m able to format the column in Gsheets so that it’s more readable like YYYY-MM-DD. Can anyone tell me if I can change how Glide populates/display this column please? I am less interested in the time they logged in.

Do you wan to change how Glide is displaying it or Google Sheets?

Either I guess…The Format feature in google sheets doesn’t seem to work.

Glide writes the date to the App Logins sheet as an ISO formatted date, and for some reason is not recognized as a date by google. This leaves too options:

  1. If you plan to view that App Login data in Glide, then leave that sheet as it is. Normally that sheet is not accessible by Glide, as it’s only a log, but you can create another sheet tab and use a formula to duplicate all of the data from the App Logins sheet in a different sheet. This new sheet will be visible to Glide. Glide is fully capable of interpreting ISO formatted dates, so you can use Glides formatting to make it look nice.
  2. If you really need a nice date inside the google sheet and don’t care about using that data with the app, then you can use the following formula. Create a new column header, and then place this formula in the second row of that new column. Since it’s an array formula, be sure to delete all empty rows at the end of the sheet. Glide will add new rows as necessary.

Jeff, Uzo thank you both for your answers! I appreciate the handy dandy formula. We ended up going w/ SPLIT formula to just pull out the date and exclude the time. I’ll marked this as resolved.

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