Problem with Calendar layout

My app’s URL:

I am facing a problem with calendar layout on my application, you see in my app there’s an area where we insert a date and time , everything was going perfectly , but today something went wrong , everytime we insert a date on this month (dd - 03 - 2020) it reads 03 as a day and ‘dd’ as a month , i tried to change date format on my excel file to diffrent format (dd-mm-yy / mm-dd-yy) but i am still facing the same problem , any ideas ??

Thank you in advance

The link you posted is not the url to your app. The app url looks like this: You have to hit the Share button in order to get that URL.
I assume you mean your Google Sheet and not Excel? There is no date formatting in Glide so you need to do the formatting for display purposes in your sheet using the TEXT(A2,“mm-dd-yyyy”) for instance.

There’s another post about date issues, so I’m wondering if there is a problem. What is the region setting in your sheet and your browser? Does the app work any differently when viewed on your phone or a browser window (not the glide builder)?

I have mixed opinions since I only work with the american mm-dd-yy format, but I think Glide is better than it used to be about showing and working with dates no matter the formatting. I’ve kind of loosend up my stance on never adjusting the column formatting inside the sheet as I think behind the scenes, a true date column in the sheet is stored in ISO format.

Hi , thank you for your fast reply ,
the problem is fixed, i had to use a formula on my google sheet to decompose the date then assemble it in diffrent column , the problem is fixed on the app , but still , i couldn’t find an explaination since like i said i only faced this problem in the month of march,
about the link i’m sorry for posting wrorng url , here’s the link:
thank you