Month and Day swapped in phone app

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Describe the bug:

  • On some user phones, the app swaps the Month and Date on the dates from the Date&Time columns. On the glide web builder it shows correctly.

Expected behavior:

  • For the 4 months I have had the app published there has not been any issue with the phone app swapping the months and days, but on the last few days I noticed that the Month and Day are not read properly by the phone app which is causing the app to malfunction. I had not done any updates or changed anything. While the Glide app builder reads the dates correctly, the phone app is not.

How to replicate:

  • My data source is on google sheets, with the following format:

Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 21.46.49

Here is how it is read correctly by Glide Data Editor:

Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 21.49.52

And here is on the phone app:

The correct date is 9th February (mm-dd > 02/09) not 2nd September (09/02)

The issue has been spotted on iphones using 16.6.

Thank you so much.


Link to demo recording (optional):

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What happens if you format the date time column in Google sheets to YYYY-MM-DD


Are you using the Format Date column anywhere in your App?

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An error has been found on iOS in the calendar function.

  • In Glide Editor shows correct information.
  • In Pc View (Google Chrome) is displayed correctly.
  • In Android display is correct.

Never had any problems before. This app has been used for 7 months.

Edit : Looks like yyyy/MM/dd for a while, it works in iOS and every platform.

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I am not using Format Date anywhere.

UPDATE: I have reformatted the dates using the ISO 8601 format as follows and it works fine:


YYYY-MM-DD and then time added with the corresponding time zone UTC (00), adding Z so it will convert to the user’s time zone.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions!