Date not displaying in phone


For some reason I’m experiencing a bug where the glide editor displays a date in a text field, but not in the mobile app… I recently used the new feature to display the date in Long form without seconds.

My app’s URL:

I tried switching my phone’s language to english, just to see if it was a translation issue… Turns out I still have the same problem.

I got to play with it a little bit more… It does display on android, MacOs and Windows… but it does not display on iPhone or iPad… very strange.

Update: On MacOS it displays in Chrome, not in Safari!

Update: When I modify the Date format in the Google Sheet to dd/mm/yyyy it works… but then I try inserting a new item and I have to go and modify the format once again for it to appear… any guesses on what could be going on?

FINALLY figuered it out… Glide’s date format is mm/dd/yyyy and Google Sheet’s (Mexican) format is dd/mm/yyyy… that’s why Glide did not recognize dates where the first two numbers were greater than 12.

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