If then else with DATE

Hello, I am developing an APP for managing golf institutions and I have a question for managing variables according to the day. In golf there is a variable called “handicap index” that changes in my country, Argentina, every 14 days, and for golf tournaments I need to have the data previously, so far so good, the problem that arises is wanting to do an IF THEN ELSE so that IF (tournament day) is before the change date and get the value. But GLIDE won’t let me, I would have to do an IF THE ELSE day by day and if so, how many nested IF THEN can be had in GLIDE?


You’re correct. Glide can’t compare date values …yet. We’ve been waiting for a while now. Any progress @Mark?

Sorry, can’t give you a timeline.

I did it in the sheet to calculate the subscription expiration date

Hi, we don’t have exactly the same use case, but maybe this approach may help you (since I am totally rebuilding my app, I cannot share an illustrative link).

My Use case:
I have a list of standard recurring challenges among which kids will select some, then define a frequency (cf. your 14 days) to perform each challenge, then a starting date .
Each day while logging, the appropriate challenge has to be displayed according to this initial setup and Today() 's date.

My constraint:
Display is different from a user to another, so must be User Specific columns,ie. only dealt with in DataEditor.
But no Date calculations were possible…

Workaround 8 steps approach:
(1) In DataEditor: User Specific columns ‘Starting Date’ and ‘Frequency’,
(2) In DataEditor: template column on ‘Starting Date’ to reset the date format,
(3) In GSheet: a sheet with all 2020 dates and associated each day number of the year; idem with ‘Today()’ formula,
(4) In DataEditor: Relation to link the ‘Starting Date’ of the [challengeSelect] tab with the tab having the 2020 dates,
(5) In DataEditor: LookUp to bring back the day nb of the related dates (‘Starting Date’ & ‘Today’),
(6) In DataEditor: Maths to do the calculation (Today - startDate / frequency)
(7) In DataEditor: If-then-else displaying TRUE if the ‘mod’ of the division is 0 [calculation to be checked],
(8) In Glide layout: Filter on TRUE in the inline list component … !

Hope this helps