Conditional Rollups On Date & User

I have a timesheet with the following columns:

  1. Date
  2. Project Name
  3. Hours
  4. Payment
  5. User
    Users enter daily time entries of the work performed. I have a template column Month Year User, a multiple relation on the MonthYearUser column and a rollup on this relation so I have the total payment per user per month. So far so good.
    The issue is that I want my screen to have tiles for every month and then when the user clicks on the month they get details of the time entries made for each month. The rollups and MonthYearUser is giving me the rollup sum for each daily entry and the screen shows daily entries instead of the month. Can someone please share how to build a screen that shows monthly tiles and then each tile shows the daily time entries for that month?
    Thanks so much and happy holidays!

Iā€™d do something like this:

  • Create a Glide table with 12 rows, and add the following columns:
    ā€“ Year (this could either be a static number, or you could use a math column to fill it with the current year, eg. Year(Now)
    ā€“ Month, Jan to Dec in whatever format you need to match your time entries sheet
    ā€“ A template column that joins the first two columns together with the ID/email of the signed in user
    ā€“ Now use that template to build a multi-relation to your time entries table
    ā€“ Add rollups as necessary through that relation

The end result is that you should have a table with 12 rows - one for each month - and each row will have data for the associated month. And you can use that in an Inline List.


Thankyou so much @Darren_Murphy. Works beautifully!

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