Stop watching TV and play with the enhanced If/then/else

Whoo whoooo! :champagne::clinking_glasses:

Well done Glide team! :+1:t2::heart:


OH MY GOD! :exploding_head:

I was expecting that feature so much.

Thanks Glide Team! :star_struck:


This update is EVERYTHING! Glide Team :+1::pray:


WOW!!! That was such an amazing update.




Thanks for that.!!!
Still not possible to fully compare dates. That would be also great !!


It’s also in visibility conditions, YES!!
Great update Glide team, thanks!


This is going to change everything. All those advanced filtering with the help of relations won’t be needed anymore. Been a request since so long. Thanks Glide team :100:


Game changer!!!


User Profile Columns available too!!!

At this point, all my current apps are working as intended with the “old way” of comparing values. But here on out, app creation will be exponentially easier and more dynamic!

:clap::clap::clap: Way to go Team GLIDE! :clap::clap::clap:


Anybody could explain what are those new “enhanced” if/then/else features ?
Is there any change log where to find informations when things are released ?

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Before, using the if component, you were only able to compare a gsheet or glide data editor value with a value (a value you entered manually). Now, you can compare 2 gsheet and/or Glide data editor values. And that’s purely a game changer!

It also means that soon, we won’t need gsheet formulas anymore.

And honestly, I would say that today, we could build an app without any gsheet.

@Mark, @david : in fact yes, for some apps a’d some use cases, we don’t need the gsheet anymore… Anyway to disconnect the gsheet in a near future?

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Hi, just like David_D, since I’m a beginner, I don’t understand the “game changer” dimension.

Question : does it mean that we can stop “struggling” with using “Relations” ?


You can now compare values in one column to values in another. Previously, you could only compare values in a column to a static value. If you wanted to compare a column to another column, you HAD to do it using sheet formulas. Formulas = laggy apps.

So yes, with this enhancement, you can use less columns prior to making relations AND you can now remove spreadsheet formulas to improve the UX of the app.

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If you look at the screen shot I took above, to achieve that same column I had to first create 4 other columns:

  1. Template to grab current user email
  2. Relation to user profile sheet
  3. Lookup to get current user balance
  4. Math column to subtract user balance from cost
  5. If-then-else column to evaluate if the math column was positive or negative.

Now I can skip to #5. Done.

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great improvement, no doubt!

But I was hoping something like this:

In this way, we could write values to any field directly and have some kind of logic within Data Editor and make it more powerful. My example will be the easiest way to create a reset button and clear other fields/values directly.

but anyway, let’s the party continues! :partying_face:

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Yeah, this is pretty massive. It makes about 50% of my sheets and scripts work doable in Glide. But I have to say, when a feature like this drops, I’m hit with an overwhelming sense of dread regarding the work I’ll need to do for my app to use it.

We recently got the ability to move around and rename columns in the data editor which is good for organizing apps better, but it’s still very difficult to identify what columns are being used by what components in your app (if any) so that you can clean up the app when a feature like this drops. I’m reluctant to use this to update my existing app because it would require me to manually go through every component in my app (hundreds) and write down which columns are being used in visibility conditions, displayed data, filter conditions, whether it’s a Glide column or a sheets column. Deleting something that’s being used somewhere could cripple your app, so I opt for just keeping everything out of fear of accidentally overlooking something. And my Glide Data editor has become very bloated because it it.

This platform is getting considerably more powerful very quickly but a feature like this only highlights the need for tools in the data editor that would allow better identification of components-to-columns so that updating apps comes with less friction… and in my case less procrastination.

On a side note, I noticed that the editing form (the little pencil in the upper right of a detail screen) doesn’t let you send hidden field values from that row of data the way you can when you send a new entry from a form. I wonder if there’s a reason. This new feature would benefit from that greatly, as you could let the user change values in one column with the value from another. Combined with the math column and this new “if this then” update you could do lots of complex calculations based on user activity on a row of data.


Agree. I also shared this sentiment in my post above. Probably going to leave my existing apps alone. Moving forward this will be the new standard.

Of course I say this, but I’m such a perfectionist, I can see myself spending late-night Column contending parties lol


Column Contending Parties should become a thing here.