Stop watching TV and play with the enhanced If/then/else

I can finally display all ranks currently earned using nothing but Glide Columns!


Hi Guys,

Maybe I’m missing something here…
I’m trying to do a simple (ish) IF-THEN-ELSE column that will check the following:
IF the car image is not empty - THEN - put the car image - ELSE - use a lookup column based on relation to put the Category image.
To be clear, I want to use data in a different sheet (i.e. category) in the if-then-else column and don’t see the lookup column I created in the ELSE and THEN columns ists. I can only see it in the IF column list but don;t want to do a condition on the lookup but rather use it as result.

see GIF below.

with the new feature I should be able to do this in the platform right? or am I missing something here?


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Yeah, that’s the pain of enjoying startups. The other choice is wait for a year or two :wink:

The lookup image needs to be based off a single, not multiple, relation. Double check the relation column.

Only Glide shares updates/upgrades this way :wink: ‘Let them find out and they will tell the rest’


Thanks Robert. I know that in single relation this could work but the problem is that each car potentially can belong to more then 1 category (i.e. both SUV and Sport like the Mercedes CLE or BMW X6 for example). this is why I need this to be multiple rel;ation as I present it in the car’s details page.

in my sheet i just use vlookup and get the first match to present the image but glide can’t do this at the moment I guess.

Not yet, no. If then else, math and template columns only work off of single-relation Lookup columns.

If you wanted, you could always create another relation column, make it single, to use for this functionality. Like VLOOKUP, it will pull the first match.

yes brother I know, I was hoping to save the extra work :).

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This is fantastic! I hate to pile on to a new feature as it’s always an improvement from what we had before, but open this up to comparing dates and add the functionality to further filter a relation based on a condition, then this would shave considerable calculation time in my app. In my case I’m looking to calculate the amount over or under paid for only previous billings prior to the current billing date. I’d love to do this with a simple relation and rollup, but I want to ignore any future billings in the rollup value. Currently I can only do this with a query in the sheet and it’s horribly slow as I need the query performed on each individual row. This is further complicated with the fact that queries aren’t compatible with arrayformulas, but I have workarounds to deal with that. Right now I get around performance issues by importing certain sheets into a separate google spreadsheet, performing the calculations, then importing the calculated values back into the main spreadsheet. This doesn’t speed up the calculation of the values, but it prevents issues with glide and the sheet not properly syncing due to multiple updates coming from glide while a sheet is performing calculations. It’s been an ongoing process to streamline my app, but several months back I was running into problems with data being lost due to the sheet not accepting data from glide while it’s in the middle of doing calculations, then re-syncing back to glide before the calculations were finished. This prevented new data from coming into the sheet and the new data was being permanently lost. I’ve solved most of those issues, but it has involved some hacks along the way. These are baby steps and I’m happy to be patient and wait, but being able to work with and compare dates (including within relations) is one of the last major features I’m waiting for.

Then again, I may eventually reconsider some of my flow to make payments non-specific to a billing period. A task for another time. For now it’s streamlining and Column Contending. :wink:


Completely agree…comparing dates and filtering a relation based on a condition would be be heavenly.