Send If-then-else Column to Sheet?

With the easy-to-use If-then-else column and its enhancements, I’m wondering if there’s any way to add an If-then-else column in a way that would send the static value back to the sheet?

I have an app where I use a separate sheet to query results from a sheet that is generated from form submissions in my app. This query sheet is used as a CSV file and imported into other software for easy-updates of information. In the sheet, I could create extensive IF formulas based on the submissions, but doing them inside Glide is so much simpler (and makes it even more “no-code”). It would be great if there could be a column in the Editor that could, effectively, copy the results of a Glide-generated column (like an If-then-else column, or a Template column, etc.) and show them as a column in the sheet.

It has been talked about here but doesn’t seem like we’ll get that anytime soon.