If then Column not showing in Google Sheet

We have created a Column Type " if then else" but that column is not showing in google sheet. Kindly advise how to show that column in Google sheet along with values.

If-then-else column is a computed column type, and only exists in Glide.

If you want that value in your Google Sheet, you’ll need to use an action that writes the value (Set Column Values) to another (non-computed) column.


Thanks for Quick Response.

But when it comes to action, it will be manual, isn’t it?
We need to do it automatically.
Please guide.

Yes, it needs to be as a result of a user initiated action.

In most cases, it isn’t necessary to have computed column values appear in a connected Google Sheet. Whenever you do, that’s generally a sign that you are doing calculations or other processing in the Google Sheet that would be better done in the Glide Data Editor.