Math column and lookup values are not updating

Hi everyone,
In my google sheet the math column values and lookup values or any other glide plugin’s value is not updating. Can anyone help me to get those values in google sheets

Glide computed columns will not appear in a connected Google Sheet. If you need those values in your Google Sheet, you will need to create separate non-computed columns, and then write the values in using a Set Column Values action.

When can I create the set column value action? Could you please explain more on this
Screenshot from 2023-03-02 17-40-29

Well, I can’t answer that question, because I don’t know anything about your App or the user flow.

I’m curious about something though, why do you need these values in the Google Sheet?
Are you using the Google Sheet for some other purpose apart from Glide?

I am using google sheet’s app script to send whatsapp notification, I want to send whatsapp notification a day before the user’s planned meeting. or sending notification based on their ranks and credit points, these ranks and credit points are computed columns so they are not available on google sheet, so i am not able to trigger the app script