Setting the output of a computed column into a sheets visible column

Hi ive had a brief look but cant see anything explaining what im after, which no doubt must have been covered before. I am moving a lot of my previous sheets-managed functionality to glide, but at the moment, a few things like API calls i need to retain in sheets. Ive converted about half of a pipeline of data modification, but now im stuck with the output i need in a computed column which sheets cant see. The data modification all has to occur overnight, but i really need the output from a glide column to appear in a sheets column so that the function can continue and use this data as a variable.

Is there a way to do this easily? its just a short text string. At the moment, im considering an experimental code column to perform an API call to sheets to update the right column, which would require also implementing the logic to determine the row number, but this seems overly complex. If anyone else has a method that would be very helpful.

You could try using a set column values where the computed columns value is copied to a basic column. Basic columns will be visible in your GSheet.

But this has to be user initiated right?

Currently, google sheets is doing this automatically. Its a data processing pipeline involving scraping news articles from the web, which are then processed with javascript, parsed by AI, which then does some data processing and categorisation, and then calls an API. All of this happens overnight though, so the data is ready in the app the following morning. Im on a Pro plan, so I cant use the API feature. Unless anyone has a way, ill have to keep it all in sheets, as i need one of the values in the actual API call.

So do you need to add new rows every night? What’s the relation between that and the column that you need to update?

Sorry for the delayed response.

Yes i am adding new rows every night, and then these are processed into data in multiple columns.

And the process of the data must happen in the Sheets? I see you have quite a few steps there.