Glide Data Column TO Sheet?

Is there ANY way to get a column of Data that’s calculated within Glide to the Sheet?

I’m assuming the answer is no, but wondered if I was missing something.


No, you can’t. What’s your use case for this?

Hi Mark,

I have Glide managing and totaling points across all my data tables (to eliminate lag in calculations and filters), but I realized that now I can’t use this total in my sheet to compare values. This would be a nonissue if I could compare numbers in an array column in Glide, but it’s not a feature (…yet??? :pray:). So, the only way to compare a conditional number is back in Google Sheets…too bad I already converted all my Google Sheet columns to Data Columns in Glide. Thoughts?

The only thing I can think of is that I think you can write computed columns to the sheet via column values in a form button, but I’m pretty sure that’s not your case here. I suppose you can duplicate all of the calculations in the glide columns using sheet formulas, so you would have a results column twice (glide side for speed and sheet side for further calculations). Not great, but an option.

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Also curious about this. My use case would be that I’m sending the data collected (and presented) in the app to a Google Doc via Zapier. Using some of the Math or Rollup columns, I’m gathering information I can present in the app - but I would like to be able to send this data to the Google Doc via Zapier to present this data in a Doc/PDF. Any potential way to see that data in the Google Sheet?


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I also have use for this, and would have used it on most of my latest apps (as things are getting more complex).
Presently, I’m using google apps script to make email notifications when something happens. It’s my way of putting notifications into my apps. But it’s such a difficult and tedious run-around to be forced to use a form to get all that (calculated) data sent back to google sheets! In this case, I’d use it for email addresses to send notification to, and meeting place address (which is different every week). These are all calculated values taken from other areas of the program (via relations and lookups). So if I could get my lookup values back into sheets, that’d be super helpful!

@Avery_Rawlek What’s the trigger that causes those emails to be sent?

Just a timed trigger (like every 5 minutes), checks every row (in sheet I choose for that trigger), and looks to see if email is sent. Once email notification is sent, it writes a value to one of the columns in that row stating that email is sent, so it won’t duplicate emails from the same row.
Sometimes I use email to sms addresses to get notifications straight to phone.
It’s a decent working fix for now.
Biggest challenge is getting all the information out of the app & onto the spreadsheet for this to be usable. Emails/phones for reaching people, and all my data and info for creating useful notification messages.
In my last app, I was trying to set up timesheets for the worker to fill out for our employer, but it starts getting difficult when I can’t easily get crucial info (like that found in a lookup or template column) back onto the Google sheet (workers would enter time via app, office would utilize Google sheet to gather the info and utilize in office.)
Ability to set a calculated column to write to a column in the sheet would make a huge difference, for me, and likely many others who still need to use the Google sheet as part of the picture.

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I would love this feature too, especially now that the Glide columns are more robust. A static value of the result of the Glide calculation/lookup/template would be fantastic.

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My original request was spawned by the need to compare values…looks like we can do that now…might not need this anymore!

My need is more around getting data back to the sheet for exporting/importing purposes. I use spreadsheets as import tools for other applications that don’t or can’t live on the web like a GSheet. For me, GSheets and Glide make gathering the data super simple, and Glide Data Editor now makes calculations and if-thens super simple, but once they’re in the Editor, they’re there and no where else. If it could write back to the sheet, then everything would be integrated and match and I could export data from my GSheet and import it into my desktop software very easily.


It would be excellent to be able to do the export, a kind of column type “export”, in my case it would be useful for me to export the calculations on the results of handicap tournaments, it would be terribly useful due to the current limitation of GLIDE to be able to show tables multiple data.

Thank you.

Any progress towards this? Is this on the roadmap for development?

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Not to my knowledge.

I skimmed the use case and thinking what I had been using is trying to output the data through column components, which I will try to relate-lookup onto a form related to sheet I wanted to output the data.

There I got it, but it’s a manual process not the auto update ones which I would try to get all the data onto a sheet and use Google Sheet to calculate it instead. But the downside is the update is very lagged by the latency before the data returns into the app.

Hi, Any updates on this subject?

You can actually export all your data now but it’s a manual process inside the editor.

Are people using some type of zap to write from glide into their google sheet for now?

If so, what type of triggers can one use to send that information?

I am only familiar with the “form submission” trigger only. Are there more ways to send info this way?

Any guidance is much appreciated,
Thank you!

No, if you’re referring to writing data from Glide to Google Sheets then either form, entry components or set column.

I would like this feature too.