Push Data from Glide to Google Sheet


Is there any type of column Glide that will write the values into Google Sheet?

Basically I am doing different calculations in Glide and I want that the output will be available for use in Google sheet (because I need to use the output with some legacy calculations that I have in Google Sheet and I prefer not to port all the legacy calculations into Glide).


The easiest way to do this is to create a button and assign it an “Add row” action. In this action, pick the Google Sheet as the destination and assign each Glide field to a column of the GSheet.

I mean that I am trying to use the info that I already have in Glide >> do calculations that will result in Column X in glide. I need that Column X to be viewed in Google sheet so I can continue the work there.

You’ll need a process that moves it from Glide to the Sheet — my suggestion was to create a step that includes pressing a button to send the row of data to a new row in your GSheet.

You may be able to incorporate this step (Add Row —> Google Sheet) to an existing form submission process, for example, that already exists in your app.

Calculations happen only on the user’s device. Never on the glide server and in fact, those computed values aren’t stored anywhere other than temorarily on the user’s device when they are calculated. I agree that you need to create an action to write those calculated values to permanent columns that are in the sheet.