Building a simple calculator for Food Recovery


I would like Glide to perform and return a basic calculation based on User input of a number. The number, nor the calculated answer, needs to be stored in the Google sheet, though I world be interested in knowing if that is possible.

I work for a food recovery organization that picks up and delivers food to those in need of a meal. We have created a simple calculator in JavaScript that sits on our website, and we would like to have it on a Glide app as well.

Thanks in advance for the community’s help!

Jim Spellos

If you want the input to be in the Google Sheet, then each user should have a row of their own, the calculated number can be processed through Glide’s Math columns.

Thanks for the quick reply. What I don’t know is the math column. I looked in components, and couldn’t find it there. I must just be missing a simple answer here.

Appreciate your help.
. Jim

You can read about it here.

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Thanks. I will check into that right away, and get back to the community if I have further questions.

Appreciate your help.