How could I export Glide Data to Google Spreasheet


I created a column in Glide Apps, I need to have the data bring back to Google Sheet.

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No can do yet. I believe that should come eventually with the ability to export Glide Tables data, but it can’t be done now.

To get the data to the sheet, you either have to recreate the formulas inside the GSheet, or set up a form to capture values back to the sheet through the use of column values, etc.

Thanks for your answer.

To Precise my point, I add a like component with a User Specific column, how could I bring back to my sheet with a form ?

It could be great.


Hmm I’m not 100% sure if it will work for a user-specific column type. You could try though… make a “pre-form” on a details page and insert your like component (I assume it’s a ratings component). After that, have a form button that writes to a responses sheet. In the form setup, you should be able to select Column Values from the previous screen. Once the form is submitted, those values get entered into the responses sheet.

If the above doesn’t work with user-specific columns, just create a regular column in the “pre-form” sheet that captures the ratings selection, then filter the details page by signed in user.

Thanks, but I guess it will not work as I want, I have to update more than 80 rows once, so I should wait the capability to sync Gilde Table and Google Sheet to finish my product.

Thanks a lot for your help