User Specific Columns on Existing Columns

When we link our google sheet to the Glide App the option for making already existing columns on the sheet to “user specific columns” is greyed out. Is there a way around to make those columns user specific instead of creating new columns on the glide app datasheet.

In short, no.

Columns can only be made user specific at the time they are created.


Thanks for the previous guidance,
So is there some alternative where I can take user specific values send it back to the google sheet for calculations and retrieve the calculations back to display on the app.

Also in case there isn’t an alternative is it possible to integrate some custom solution with the help of Glide that can workout with a google sheet existing in such a format?

There are workarounds, yes.
But I generally encourage looking for Glide computed column solutions when it comes to calculations, and there are lots of good reasons for this.

Can you describe the calculations that need to be done? Perhaps we can guide you towards a solution using Glide computed columns.

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So, I am actually working for a company and they already have all their calculations set up on google sheets which are very complex and do not wish to repeat the process of explaining the logic and transferring it to glide all together. The reason they chose a no-code platform like glide is that they’d not have to recreate the tool for users due to its complexity. However, the major issue we are facing is that we want multiple users to be able to access the same calculation sheets without affecting the output of one and other. That is why we opted for user specific columns to take user inputs.
So, if there would be some way that we could pull out user specific values from glide and send it back to the google sheets for further calculations it would be a huge help.

Meanwhile, I will definitely look into the glide computed columns as you suggested.

Okay, understood.

The only way this will really work is if you have a dedicated row for each user in your Google Sheet. The obvious place to put these would be in your User Profiles sheet.

A very similar question to this was asked just yesterday…

Thanks a lot for your guidance :smiley: