Sending data to google sheets using glide app

I have a problem when submitting data to google sheets using glides. if I assign two users ability to submit data in different columns (A , B). The last row of data in column A affects last row of the Column B. How can I solve such problem, please.

Can you share some screenshots or a video? Are you saying that two users are updating the same column in the same row at the same time?

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I do not know if this screen shot will open
but my idea is to understand more about user specific column such that each user is using a specific column and data does not create spaces in the other column

you may create a small video clip to show me how to do it

Are you trying to make it so multiple users can put a value in the same column in the same row? Creating separate columns for each user is not a good idea and won’t scale well if you need to add more users.

What I’m understanding from your question is that you want to use user specific columns. That needs to be set up in the data editor in glide. You should only need one column, but it will contain values for multiple users.
Here is the documentation regarding buser specific columns:

If I misunderstood your problem, the it might help if you explain your use case some more, why you need this user specific data, and what you expect your results to look like.

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Hello thanks for response. I have been not connected for some days. but here is a video of my problem. I hope you wound not bother giving more explanation.
but I cannot find a button to share a small video , how can I do that please!!

is it allowed to share youtube links in this forum?

You can just paste the url for your YouTube video.

Thanks Jeff_Hager I got your message but allow me for the last time , here is the link

I have also shared it in the main forum as you directed.
… It is only one user per column not multiple users in one column please.
waiting for your reply

You are using an Add Form. That will always add a new row to the end of your table/sheet.

Probably what you need to do is add an Inline List to your screen using that same sheet as a source. That will give you a list of names. When you click on each name, you’ll be taken to the details screen for that row. You can allow editing on that screen, and add input components for each subject. When you submit that, it will update the correct row.