Sending info from Glide to Google sheets

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Sending info from Glide to Google sheets

I created a WEB/APP from google sheets synced to Glide, and so far; it looked good until yesterday. In my google sheets:
-One row contains information per user

  • All columns are User Specific; that information should be visible only to the user, but if I create a new column in Glide (user-specific), that column won’t be created y Google Sheets.

The point here, I need to send the info the user is entering in Glide back to Google Sheets because, in Google Sheets, I need to run Autocrat to populate that info in some documents.

Dear @Darren_Murphy I saw a case similar to this in the community, I saw you have a clear Idea of a case similar to this but it was unclear for me how to send info from Glide to Google Sheets. If you have some feedback about this, it would be great.


Autocrat in Google Sheets

Glide Imputs

I’m not sure I understand this part. Wouldn’t you want to have a row per user instead?

What does Autocrat do in this app?

Right now it is like this, one row per user, and Columns are User Specific

It takes data from Google Sheets and migrates some Google Docs (creates some contracts) for each user.

User Specific columns only exist in Glide.
If you need that data in your Google Sheet, then you need to change those to non-user specific.

If the data needs to be secure in the App (ie. users only see their own data), then you should use Row Owners.

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Hello @Darren_Murphy, thank you for your reply. It seems it is not working since I switched to view as anyone or my user; the data is not visible.

Before Row Owner

Row owner

Result 1

Result 2

Two problems with the below:

  1. You’re using the RowID column as a Row Owner column. That won’t work. You need to have a column that contains the users email address, and make that the Row Owner column.
  2. You still have at least one User Specific column in that table.

Hello @Darren_Murphy, you are a genius; it worked. But now I have an issue; my question is, when I put view as anyone, I should be able to see the input spaces in blank ready to fill them out, but I can not see the input spaces, and neither the label.

What do you mean by this? After your previous solution, I do not need User Specific columns; I need to solve the problem of the blank inputs and labels.

Row Owner
Case 15.02.2023

My view

Anyone View


That little purple A tells me that column is user specific.
You should not be using user specific columns, so you need to replace that column and any other columns in that table that are also user specific.

@Darren_Murphy, I do not have any User Specific Columns now, but I wanted to know the explanation,

  • If I have them, what is affecting me?
  • If I do not have them what is the effect on my app?
    I would appreciate your answer and knowledge. Thank you!

You should only use user-specific columns when you want multiple users to act on the same cell (same row, same column) in the database, and the data tied with that cell should be specific to the user.

Example: A boolean column that marks the task as completed or not, and multiple users can do that same task.


Thank you @ThinhDinh

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