User Differentiation

I am working on a model where I need to take inputs from the users and there will be different inputs from the users.

How do I implement this functionality in Glide where different users can see different outputs based on a single Google spreadsheet?

You probably want to take a look at User Specific Columns

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Will that help to capture the different inputs users give in the app?

It can, yes.
But it would probably help if you can explain a bit more about your use case.

My use case is like:

I have some inputs like Principal Amount,Years, Interest rate and the output will be shown on the page using calculation in Google sheet.

I want it to be different for every user and the user data entered by the user to be stored in my sheet?

How can I make it user specific inputs so that one user doesn’t affect the the inputs of other user?

One further question:

  • would each user only enter this data once, or could they enter it many times?
  • and if many times, would you need to save multiple results for each user, or would subsequent entries just replace the first set?

Yes, one user can enter multiple data and we would preferably like the latest entry to be stored in our sheet

Just one comment in the meantime is that you might want to consider doing those calculations in Glide, rather in the Google Sheet. Most calculations and formulas that you can use in GSheets can also be done in Glide using computed columns, and here is why that is generally a good idea:

  • When you do your calculations in the Google Sheet:
    • Your user enters data in your app, and submits
    • The data then needs to sync back to Glide servers
    • It then needs to sync to your Google Sheet
    • Then the calculations are performed
    • The results then sync back to Glide servers
    • And finally the data syncs back to your users device and the results become available
  • All of that can take anywhere between several seconds and several minutes
  • However when you do the calculations in Glide, everything is done on the users device, and results are available immediately
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Okay, in that case it is fairly simple, and there are two main ways to approach it. Lets assume that you have a series of columns in your users table for accepting these inputs.

  • The first method would be through the use of Row Owners. Row Owners is a security feature that ensures that each user can only see their own data, so it becomes impossible for one users data to overwrite that of another.
  • The other way is via filtering. If you have an input screen for accepting these values that is based on your users table, then you can filter that screen “where email is signed-in user” and that will ensure that each user is adding data to the correct row,
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Thank you for your kind guidance…

Can you please share me any video or help me as to how I can implement row owners in Glide?

The link is in @Darren_Murphy’s post above, but here it is again.