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I am looking to make a service app, ideally I would like users to connect their own Google Sheets, if that’s not possible I would like each user to read/write his own “sheet” inside my Google Sheet.

I am currently thinking the only way is that I will have to duplicate my app for each user and have a dedicated Google sheet for them.
Other suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks community.

Keep all users in the same sheet/table, and use Row Owners.


Thank you Darren for the quick reply, I will have a look into it.
In general, if users are row owners and they write data to my Sheet does that mean each row they are inserting makes them the row owners? if not, do I have to set this up?


Make sure you have one column in the table that their email address is written into, and make that column a Row Owner.

@AlpacaPie FYI: all user data is saved to the Google sheet that is stored on YOUR Google drive. So you have their data. Better to use Glide tables that are saved to the cloud.

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Yes I figured that will be the best thing to do in this case.
Thank you very much guys.

Actually as more of a general question and I might start it as a topic, I am not looking for the app to be shared across the users, I am trying to make a service for each one individually.
For that do you suggest making a Glide table for each user?
Also, can I get rid of the “Users” tab in this case?

I am playing around the app and mostly understand the concept, however, I am not sure about best practices.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Cheers everyone, if there’s any other way I can say thanks and promote you guys let me know.
Great community and support!

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