Display a list of all users

Hey how can i display a list off all users in my app, i cant make it work

Do you have row owners applied to your user table?

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No, im pretty new to glide :smiley:

i do have user spesific usernames in a colum called “username”

Due to you mentioning “row owners” i was able to fix my issue. Due to the email colum having the “row owners” active. Thanks!

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Typically you want to have your user accounts sheet with row owners on, and have that be your private user account data. It’s only ok to have row owners off on that sheet if you’re working on a business tool app where there’s no sensitive user data. So have the private data on the private user accounts sheet, and have a different sheet with the public user profile data. Two main ways to set this up…

Using google sheets, have public user profiles that’s a query that displays just the columns in the private user account sheet. This way user still updates their profile from their private user account, but only the data queried to the public user profiles sheet it viewable in your list of users.

Other way, which is best if avoiding using google sheets, is to just relate your data between the public and private user sheets as needed. Just have a row added to public user profiles sheet in your onboarding process. In this way, data that you want public has to be written to your public user profiles sheet. Having the data in the private user accounts can’t be viewed as a relation, because the data can’t be accessed.


Thanks a lot, good security practises sre important. Working on Learning the different reliation, locate etc now. Thanks!

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