How can my app show only the data of my users and not all data of all the users

How can I get my glide app to show my users only the data they have added and not include the data of other users automatically? I set the row owners column but that would require me to manually include the emails of the author users on each row, and that is not only tedious but impossible.

I am building a personal budget tracker app, and I want each user to input their income and expense data without other users seeing it as every user has a different set of data, and the analytics for each user is different based on their individual data.

You don’t need to do that manually, it can be done at the same time the users add their data.
There is a special value you can use - signed in users email address. Include a column to hold that in the table where they enter their data, and populate that as part of the Add Row action.

Then when you build a relation back to your User Profiles sheet (where you have Row Owners enabled), the data will be protected.

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For clarification, I would apply Row Owners to ALL sheets that contain private date and an email column. I don’t believe a relation from a row owner protected sheet (such as user profiles) to another sheet will necessarily protect the data in that second sheet. It will hide it, but not prevent it from being downloaded in the first place.


Correct. It won’t. Row owners need to be applied in each sheet that has sensitive data.


I am missing something. What exactly needs to relate to what to keep users from seeing other users information and editing each other info, so that more than one person can be logged in at a time?

I have been messing around with relations, row owners etc and nothing is working. I know I’m not doing something right.

Does each sheet need the users emails to relate to the user? I’m confused.

Have you watched the tutorial that @Jeff_Hager linked to above? That does a pretty very good job of explaining the concepts involved.

If yes, and you’re still stuck, then perhaps share a few screen shots that show how your data is laid out, and what you’re trying to achieve.