Multi User App

I have created a weight loss tracker and food journal app.

How do I allow the user to only see the user input data and not data submitted by other users?

In other words data submitted by one user must not be visible by another user?

How do I do this?

Please help

Thank you

The standard way to secure user data is through the use of Row Owners.

Thanks Darren I have read through the article it explains what needs to be done but doesn’t walk me through the process step-by-step. I am working with sensitive data and don’t want to make a mistake can you possibly assist with step by step instructions?

Okay. Well I don’t know how the tables in your App are structured, so I can’t give you specific step by step instructions. But I can give you some general guidelines.

Essentially, in every table that contains data that needs to be secured, you will need an “Owner” column. And each row in that column should contain the email address of the user that “owns” that row of data. Usually that will be the user that created the record.

Now, assuming that your users submit data via a form, then the way to add their email address to the owner column is by using the special “Users email address” value in your form configuration:

The way that Row Owners works is that it prevents data from being downloaded to a users device if the signed in user is not an owner of the row. It therefore becomes impossible for users to discover other users data, as that data won’t exist on their device.

Any chance you are available for a quick Zoom call to assist with this?

Perhaps later this evening, about 2 or 3 hours from now.
Send me a private message and we can arrange a time.