Newbie over here

I´m creating a sort of personal library and I´m pretty much done but the I logged out and logged in with a different e-mail and realized that the data I enter in the first account follow the app and not the user. So, when I user the second email I got the data from the first email.
Does this make any sense at all?!?!
What I want is to make every account/login/email personal for that user.
Any ideas?
Tnx for the help

This might be a good case for Row Owners.

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I thought so but I do not know where to put the “ownership” to make it toatally personal.
My app is a way for me and my family to track and we don´t need nor want to see eachothers tracker. So I need to make every login in personel to that specific user.

If all of your data contains an email column and you fill the email when adding rows, then you can apply row owners to that email column. Each user will then only be able to download and view the rows that they own.


Ok I think I get it.
If my app works and I want to make it public, how does it work then?

What do you mean by Public? You can have your app set to public, but as long as you still require sign in, then it will work just fine with row owners.

So if a random user finds my app on google play and uses an email to login it will become personal too that user automatically by me adding a column for emails and make that column row owner?

Yes. Like I said, when Row Owners are applied to a table, only the data that the user owns will be downloaded to their device. You as the developer will still be able to see that data in the builder, because all data is stored in your tables, but the end user will only have access to their own data.

Is the main page a suitable place to make the column for emails and making that column “owned”?

You should be doing it in every table where data needs to be personalized to each individual user. If you have tables with general information that is not specific to any one user, then you wouldn’t apply row owners in those tables, as I imagine you would not have a need for an email in those tables.

Do you have a prtscr I can see as an example?

What exactly are you looking to see in a screenshot? Is there something specific in the document I linked to above that’s not quite clear?

Row Owners should be pretty straight forward. If you signed in with an email, and that email is on the row, then you own the row and you see it. If that row contains someone else’s email, then you don’t own it and you don’t see it.

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