🤔 Row Owners vs. User Specific Columns

Row Owners and User Specific Columns in Glide both provide a way to secure, privatize, and personalize user data, but which one should you use in your no code app? Join me as I walk you through a few different scenarios as to when you’d use each (and when you WOULDN’T use either!).

User Table vs Profile Table


Demystifying Roles and Row Owners



Thank you for a great video. :raised_hands:
I never understood what row owners was before now…

I’m making a tracking app for pricing ceramic items, where the User input different information like materials, timings and process etc… Essentially a whole bunch of information that only makes sense to the individual user. So far I’ve used the filtering method, however after watching this I now realise that the app will eventually get really heavy if every user has to download everyone else’s data.

I thought I could just do a lookup on the user email address in every table and make that a row owner, but thats not possible. I’m wondering what will happen if I add all the email addresses from each user automatically during creation created, and the user then decides to change his or her email address? I imagine that is a no-go as they would loose the rows with their old email in or is there another strategy for that?

Correct. This is because computed columns (eg. lookup columns) are evaluated on the client device after all data has been downloaded. And by that time it’s too late to apply row owners.

Yes, if a user changes their email address then they would lose access to all owned rows. You’d need to update all rows with their new email address. But, how often do your users change their email address? (I haven’t changed mine in 30+ years :man_shrugging:)


hahah - fair enough argument… :grinning:
I guess a quicker app definitely outweighs the option to change email address, just wondered if there would be an option to have it all.

What you could do is give each user a unique Role, and then use their role as a row owner instead of their email address. Then it wouldn’t matter if the email address changes. The only downside to that is that all users would then become private users - which may or may not be an issue?

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True, I’ll keep that in mind for next time as it’ll be alittle too $$$ for me atm

This is why Glide needs to allow us to use RowID as Row Owner as well. Maybe one day…

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