How to share apps with different values for each employee

Hi everyone. I’m developing an app to keep track of the results obtained in the sales of my company’s personnel: badget achievement, average receipt, receipts per employee, etc… etc… I tried to share it but my personal data is visible. Instead, I would like each employee to have their own app with their own data and values. How can I do ? Thank you

Have you tried applying row owners to keep each users data private?

Thanks for the reply. I would like each user to be able to enter their data from scratch, as if each user had their own sheet. I would therefore like the app to be the starting point and then each user would manage it independently. Is the method always the owner of the row?

Here’s your options:

  • Use row owners so each user can only access their own data in shared tables.
  • Use filters, which are not nearly as secure as row owners.
  • Build separate apps…one for each user.
  • Use one app, but keep adding separate tables, and duplicate all screens and functionality in the app every time you add a new user.

Row owners is going to be the absolute best and simplest solution.


My requirement is the same ,

Different employees getting access to their own data only.

Duplicating tabs in a single app, won’t it be unmanagebale ?

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Absolutely. Which is why Jeff recommended Row Owners as the best and preferred approach.

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Here are two explanations of row owners that might be helpful.

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